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For thousands of years, native cultures around the world have taken advantage of the natural, life-enhancing properties that are contained in Zeal for life Wellness drinks. Modern scientists are confirming their real life stories of heightened well-being, validating centuries of folklore.


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Dr. Scott VanLue, M.D.

Peter Nielsen, Zeal for Life Challenge Coach

Dr. James Badman, MD

Dr. Richard Walker, Jr., M.D.

Clinically Proven: Feeling the Zeal difference means different things to different people and there definitely is a Zeal difference! Recently completed clinical trial results from independent third-party research firm, KGK Synergize, confirm the positive benefits of Zeal including improved mood, stronger vigor and vitality, and less anxiety and fatigue. Under the highest scientific standards, the study was conducted on healthy and active people not trying to improve mood or enhance their current health.

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Our dynamic summary on The Zeal For Life Challenge and the Crusade to improve the health of America.

Zeal For Life

This all-in-one blend transcends the benefits of many supplements and provides your body with the food-based nutrition it needs. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, Zeal for Life ® comes in Bold Grape, Tropic Dream, Wild Berry and Kiwi Watermelon flavors. Enjoy Zeal daily to have more energy and recapture a youthful zeal for life.

Zeal for life drink:

Zeal for life Wellness takes the guesswork out of it with our all-in-one natural nutritional formula. Simply add water or juice to the Zeal Wellness synergistic blend and drink at least one serving per day to get all the nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins your personal body needs. The Zeal Wellness formula dissolves quickly and tastes great. It helps you recapture your youthful mind, body, and soul.  Make your life, Zeal for life.

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Zeal unlocks the power of nutrition from nature so you can be and feel your best, living a life filled with doing what matters the most to you. It’s the simplest, most affordable, food-based nutritional solution you’ll find that delivers clinically proven results at the highest level. Zeal is currently available in Classic and Vegan formulas. Classic Zeal comes in great tasting Wild Berry and Kiwi Watermelon flavors. The Zeal Vegan formula is offered in mouth-watering Bold Grape, Tropic Dream and Wild Berry options.

Zurvita’s Zeal for Life combines many of the most powerful nutritional components available today into a single, delicious, real-food product. Recognized as what’s called a “functional food,” Zeal transcends the role of many supplements, and provides the body with the food-based nutritional components it needs in a more fundamental form.

Zeal’s balanced nutrition can be a foundational support to good health, proper energy levels and successful weight management.

Zeal for Life is a line of supplements created to promote weight-loss and enhance wellness. The ingredients include are rice bran/germ, fructooligosaccharide, moringa oleifera powder, guarana seed powder, caffeine, fruit and vegetable extracts, vitamins and minerals. Add one scoop to water, drink once per day and supposedly the supplement helps boost energy levels and focus.

Zurvita’s Weight Management Program combines nutritional products and healthy lifestyle training to truly give people a Zeal for Life. The one-two punch of combining the Zurvita line of products with the program’s lifestyle and nutritional guidance delivers a complete solution.

Products in the Zurvita Weight Management program start with the science of Zeal, our all-in-one nutritional product, and also include Zurvita Protein, Zurvita Cleanse – an herbal probiotic*, and Zurvita Burn, our thermogenic fat burner*. These high performance products come bundled in a convenient nutritional system designed to enhance a healthy lifestyle.

Zurvita Protein, like other Zurvita products, is made with the same commitment – use only the most nutrient-rich and highest quality ingredients. Because Zurvita Protein is a source of dietary fiber it can leave you feeling full and satisfied – and that kind of feeling can make it easier to say “yes” to healthier choices.

Zurvita Cleanse helps your body to detoxify and restore your digestive system to a healthy state with this herbal and probiotic cleanse. Consuming one tablet per day for 30 days.

Zurvita Burn helps boost your metabolism with this thermogenic fat burner! Zurvita Burn is the POWERHOUSE of the Zurvita Weight Management Program, utilizing Advantra-Z, a patented, thermogenic ingredient for weight loss and sports nutrition.